About us

About us

The history of BioDrain dates back to 2006 when the idea of a company providing comprehensive customer service with regard to architecture, engineering and the related environmental protection originated on the basis of experience and specialised knowledge. During the development of the company, we have perceived a constant need for modernising buildings and searching for energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly technical solutions.

The capital of knowledge and experience contributed to creating a small but thriving company within a short time, which has enjoyed sales growth year over year. Our main motto is “to work in a reliable, professional and effective manner in order to achieve the highest quality of products sold and services provided”, thanks to which we have been constantly present on the domestic and European markets.

In order to cope with the growing market requirements and competitiveness, we have been implementing innovative solutions and technologies and extending our production assortment along with the scope of services provided. We follow the current legal requirements, in keeping with the highest technical standards.

Our objective is to develop dynamically in the broadly understood environmental protection area and attract customers in Poland, in the European Union and also in other countries. We are convinced that the quality of our products and services will meet your recognition and will result in trustworthy business relations.

Products and services

The scope of activities in the environmental protection area covers advisory services in environmental engineering, designing and installing measuring stations, deodorisation systems and manufacturing of the elements of systems needed for workstation gas and liquids extraction units, as well as emission measuring, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Measuring point stub ends M64x4
  2. Workstation emitters and fume exhaust units
  3. Measuring stations

We cooperate with major European suppliers of technology for air cleaning systems.

We provide supplementary technical services, such as:

  1. Installation of stub ends on emitters
  2. Installation and reconstruction of emitters and off-gas exhaust units
  3. Installation of measuring stations

We make olfactometric sample taking and assays (odour measuring), as well as to identify emission and immission of accompanying compounds, including hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.

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