Emitor Emitters are important elements of industrial ventilation systems, which condition proper removal of polluted air originating in various engineering and production processes. Selection of the height and build of an emitter is made depending on the environmental hazard caused by the specific emission of various substances from industrial processes, whereas emitter designing is preceded with modelling of air pollution propagation. Also important is the method of off-gas removal by a system of workstation extraction units and proper discharge of the off-gas to the emitters.

We offer:

  1. Emitters of raw, stainless, galvanised and RAL-powder-coated steel sheet with proper support structures
  2. Insulated emitters
  3. Extensions for the existing emitters
  4. Inserts to connect the typical curb adapters and exhaust fans
  5. Systems to discharge fumes to emitters
The elements are designed and tailored to the individual needs, on case by case basis. Optionally, we may provide emitters, extensions and inserts with measuring point stub ends M64x4.