Below presented are the selected projects within our installation services:

  1. Manuli Hydraulics rubber hoses factory in Radomsko
  2. Plastivaloire Groupe plastics processing factory in Gliwice
  3. Ropez furniture factory in Mroczeń near Kępno
  4. Inżynieria company assembly hall in Rzeszów
  5. Telesystem-Mesko R&D Centre in Stare Babice near Warsaw
  6. Semicon integrated circuit boards factory in Warsaw
  7. JK waste processing plant in Żórawina near Wrocław
  8. High-pressure boiler plant with thick-walled brick chimney in the military warehouse in Gałkówek near Łódź
  9. Battery room at the IKEA commercial centre in Gdynia
  10. Poultry farm in Niedoradz near Zielona Góra

We are experienced in performing projects and preparing documentation for the following sectors of industry (with the specific types of companies indicated).

  1. Fuel and energy industry – small and medium size power plants, biofuel production (100,000 Mg/year), biogas plants
  2. Metallurgical industry – foundries
  3. Machinery industry – galvanising plants, paint shops, steel structures manufacturing plants, machines production plants, automotive and shipbuilding companies
  4. Electric industry – enamel shops, household equipment factories
  5. Chemical industry – production of fertilisers, chemical preparations, rubber products, resins and cosmetics, chemical synthesis plants
  6. Mineral industry – glass works, electrotechnical porcelain and building ceramics factories, concrete and asphalt mix plants
  7. Lightweight industry
  8. Food industry – breweries, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, milk processing plants
  9. Wood and paper industry – woodworking shops, sawmills, furniture factories
  10. Printing industry – VOC consumption > 1,800 Mg/year
  11. Waste processing – recovery of hazardous waste, e.g. organic solvents (70,000 Mg/year)
  12. Other – car garages, animal farms, waste collection points, including scrap collection and disassembly outlets