Reconstruction of emitters

Krociec_zanurzeniowy Apart from modelling the emitter parameters as well as exhaust systems and measuring stations designing, we offer installation of emitters, extraction units and access platforms complete with ladders, stairs or protective barriers.

Proper installation, particularly outside, should ensure stability of both the emitter and other elements of the measuring station, as well as resistance to snow, wind and engineering load, and to ensure proper lightning and fire protection.

This is also important when planning reconstruction of the existing emitters and exhaust units in keeping with the emission standards, or organisation of the measuring stations in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

If reconstruction is needed, assessment must be made as to whether the change of the exhaust system parameters is or is not a reconstruction within the meaning of the Building Law. In the former case we handle the obtaining of proper permits.

This is worth considering particularly for new projects in order to avoid additional costs.