Stub end installation

Krociec_zanurzeniowy The permitted emission is determined both for the source and for the emitter, whereas proper layout of measuring stations must enable making of emission measurements with the use of measuring devices inserted through measuring point stub ends M64x4 (or other) at the measurement sections situated in accordance with the following standards:

  1. PN-Z-04030-7:1994 “Gravimetric measurement of dust concentration and mass flow in flue gases”
  2. PN-EN-15259 “Air quality – Measurement of stationary source emission. Requirements for measurement sections and sites and for the measurement objective, plan and report.”
Proper installation of measuring point stub ends is a precondition for proper off-gas emission measurements.

We provide comprehensive services with regard to:

  1. Emission source type-determination and analysis
  2. Selection of optimal measuring section in compliance with the standards as well as occupational health and safety regulations
  3. Selection of the method of the measuring point stub end installation
  4. Installation of access platforms with the necessary fittings
During installation, we may prepare an individual emitter card for each of the measuring stations, comprising photos and description of the measuring station.